Structure: iMetos Manual

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View iMetos Manual (iMetos User Manual)
View 1   Imetos Manual Introduction
View 1.1   Unpack your iMETOS - the different models
View 1.2   Start-up the iMETOS
View 1.3   Going Step by step trough the Start process
View 1.4   Setting up the iMETOS
View 1.5   replacing the iMETOS Fuse
View 2   Installing the iMETOS with the climate sensors in the field
View 2.1   Installing the soil moisture sensors
View 2.2   Installing Rain Gauge
View 2.3   Installing the Leaf Wettness Sensor
View 2.4   Installing the Wind Speed Sensor
View 2.5   Installing the FUP-Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
View 2.6   Installing the HC-Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
View 2.7   Changing from FUP to HC-Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
View 2.8   Installing the Soil Temperature Sensor
View 2.9   Installing the Wet Bulb Temperature Sensor
View 2.10   Installing the Dry Bulb Temperature Sensor
View 2.11   Installing the Air Temperature Sensor
View 2.12   Installing the Global Radiation and the Wind Direction Sensor
View 3   Installing Sensors basing on the iMETOS Bus
View 3.1   The Watermark Extension Bus
View 3.2   The Multiple Temperature and Relative Humidity Bus
View 3.3   The Multiple Leaf Wetness Sensor Bus
View 3.4   The Multiple Pressure Switch Bus
View 3.5   The Multiple Temperature Bus Based on DS1820
View 3.6   The Multiple Temperature Bus based on PT 1000 Sensors
View 3.7   The Multiple Enviroscan and TriScan Sensor Bus
View 3.8   Using Enviroscan and TriScan Sensors on the PI Bus
View 3.9   Supporting the 05103 Wind Sentry of RMYoung
View 3.10   Water Level Sensors for Evapotranspiration Pan
View 3.11   Water level sensors for Water Level Measurement
View 3.12   Using the Kipp and Zonen CMP3 Globl Radiation sensor
View 3.13   ECH2O EC-5, EC-10, EC-20LWS
View 3.14   Connection schema of Decagon 2xHS & 1xMPS1
View 3.15   Connection Schema of Water Meter PCB
View 3.16   Connecting AquaSpyProbes
View 4   Tools and Tips
View 4.1   Using the PanCon Connector
View 4.2   Using the RS 232 Interface Card for Testing and Analysing the iMETOS
View 4.3   Installing a Directional Antenna
View 4.4   Changing the iMETOS Main PCB
View 5   Troubleshooting
View 5.1   Communication
View 5.1.1   Modem LED blinks continiously short or is allways on
View 5.1.2   Problems in Frequency Selection
View 5.2   How to detect damaged batteries