Blinking Code

Blinking Code of Imetos

During communication session, Imetos reveals its status by blinking codes of 2 LEDs. The yellow led shows the status of Imetos itself while the red one indicates that GSM module logged into the network

To force Imetos to communicate immediately, reset it by disconnecting the battery plug and solar panel plug for a few seconds

The following table shows all possible blinking codes of Imetos (yellow LED)
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# Code Meaning
Always on
Device has no software or damaged
1 !!!- 1 short signal, long pause Image !!! Devices is waiting for modem
2 !!!- 2 short signals, long pause Image !!!
Device is connecting to Internet
3 !!!- 3 short signals, long pause Image !!!
Connection established, sending data
4 !!!- 4 short signals, long pause Image !!!
Data has been successfully sent
5 !!!- 1 long signal, short pause Image !!!
Communication error
Possible scenarios
Possible reasons
Successful communication
Successful communication
Modem failed
1. Modem is not connected or damaged.
2. Invalid SIM card or not properly inserted
3. PIN code required
3. GSM antenna is not in order
4. GSM contract has expired or deactivated due to payment issue
Connection cannot be established
1. GPRS service is not activated for this SIM card
2. GPRS signal is not available
3. GPRS parameters are not correct
Cannot send data to web server
1. Web server is not available
2. GPRS signal is too weak


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