Changing the iMETOS Main PCB

By the needs of updates or upgrades it might be that you want to change the iMETOS Main PCB. If you are working with a fully equipped iMETOS you can do this following the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the Solar Panel and the Battery.
  2. Dismount all sensors entering the box from downside up to the sensor most right by the use of a 15 mm spanner.. Start with the sensors from left to right. The sensors coming from the right side and the antenna does not have to be dismounted. To dismount 4 pin PanCon connectors you will have to press them trough the 11.5 mm holes in the box. This is easier when you turn them in the way that the smaller side goes first.
  3. Dismount the modem by the use of a 5.5 mm spanner.
  4. Put the modem aside without disconnecting the antenna. If you are in the field just let it hang down.
  5. Disconnect the sensors coming form the right side.
  6. Dismount the Main PCB by removing the four distances with a 5.5 mm spanner.
  7. Remove the PCB carefully to the left side.
  8. Enter the new PCB from the left side.
  9. Mount it with the 4 distances in the box.
  10. Connect the sensors coming from the right side.
  11. Connect the temperature and relative humdidity sensor
  12. Mount the modem and fix it with the 4 nuts with the 5.5 mm spanner
  13. Mount the senosrs coming form the downside starting right.
  14. Connect all the senosrs
  15. Connect the power and the solar panel
  16. Test the sensors if you have a serial interface
  17. Test the communication by checking the blinking code.

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