Channel Number


What is sensor channel of iMetos?


All models of sensors have a unique code. More then one sensor of the same model can be connected to iMetos at a time. For example, 2 air temperature sensors. To differentiate such sensors, sensor channel has been introduced. IMetos assigns a unique channel number to every sensor connected. The channels have no predefined values, they are only guaranteed to be unique and have a predefined order for the sensors of same type. Look at the picture below. 


This is a typical iMetos configuration. Three special inputs at the top with channels 8, 6 and 5 are fixed and can only be used for these sensors: leaf wetness, wind speed and rain. The other 5 inputs at the right side are universal. Every PI sensor, except for those 3, can be connected to any of universal inputs. IMetos recognizes the type of sensors automatically and assigns a unique channel number. If you have more then one sensor of the same type you can recognize them by the number of channel. Like on the picture, if there are 2 relative humidity sensors connected, the one, which is closer to Ch N+0 will always has a smaller number of channel.

 Sensor chains

Typical iMetos configuration can be extended by using so called sensor chains. Sensor chain is like a real chain, where a group of sensors is linked serially through a special cable. Chain can be connected to any of 5 universal inputs of iMetos. The chains are numbered as shown on the picture below



The channels of chain-sensors are assigned according to physical order of the sensors on chain, that is, the first sensor on the chain (closest to iMetos) gets the smallest number of channel.

Chains also shown at the left side of table or graph view on the web site


Channel number of iMetos


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