Coffee Disease Models

Pessl Instruments GmbH is proud to show the first draft of models for 3 important diseases in coffee. We were able to develop these models in collaboration with Dr. G.K Kairu from the Coffee Research Foundation in Rairu, Kenya. 

1) Coffee Leaf Rust was described for the first time in the Lake Victoria region of Kenya in 1861. In 1869 it appeared in Sri Lanka (the former Ceylon) and destroyed the coffee production there. During the next 70 years it was spread into all Coffee growing areas worldwide. Only Hawaii is free of this disease. Coffee Leaf rust has a very big economic impact into all coffee arabica growing zones.
2) Coffee Berry Disease caused by Colletotrichum coffeanum was detected in Kenya 1922. The fungus lives in the bark of the coffee tree and produces spores, which attack the coffee cherries. Applications have been determined to be the best way to avoid the coffee berry disease. Image
3) Bacterial blight of Coffee caused by Pseudomonas siringie cv. garciae makes a leaf and twig blight on coffee plants in East Africa and South America. Image
Rain can wash off fungicides and therefore it has a big impact to the fungicide residue we can expect on the leaves of coffee trees.

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