Sentek's flagship product, EnviroSCAN® has become the most widely used continuously logging, irrigation management tool in the world. EnviroSCAN® is a complete and stand alone soil water monitoring solution. The data obtained by the EnviroSCAN® sensors is collected by a central logger and then downloaded by the user through a variety of manual and telemetry methods. The acclaimed IrriMAX 7.1 software program converts this information into a user friendly graphical format to provide users with a better understanding of profile soil water dynamics.

Equipment Setup and Aims: Access tubes (56.5 mm in diameter) for Sentek soil moisture sensors are installed into the soil, and the sensor is then placed into the tube. Sentek sensors use electronic capacitance to detect changes in the dielectric properties of soil as it varies in water content. An electromagnetic field produced by the sensor extends beyond the access tube, and the amount of water in the sphere of influence of the sensor affects the frequency at which the electromagnetic field oscillates. In this way, the amount of water in the soil around the access tube can be detected. The signals from the sensor are translated into Volumetric Water Content (VWC), which can be plotted against a time scale to show trends in changing soil water conditions during the growing season. The amount of water, in mm, can also be calculated from VWC to compare the results with rainfall quantities.

There are two main benefits of the enviroscan or enviroscan like technology. Volumetric soil moisture measurement can give us information over the whole range of possible soil moisture content. The possibility to measure in different depths at the same time allows us to see where the plant can find more water and it shows where the plant takes the water. Looking into a corn field with 2m of soil depths would show us if the corn is able to use the water inside the whole soil profile and this information will lead us to irrigate as effective as possible.

Comparing Watermark and Capacitive Soil Moisture Measurement



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