The term Evapotranspiration describes the water loss of the land surface do to the evaporation of the soil surface and the transpiration  of the plants growing on this surface. Unfortunately evapotranspiration can not be measured in an agricultural environment. The only systems allowing us to measure evapotranspiration is a weighing lysimeter, what is a very good tool to evaluate the calculations of evapotranspiration and to develop crop factors for different crops. In our agricultural environments we have to assess the evapotranspiration by a calculation basing on wind speed, global radiation, temperature, relative humidity, longitude latitude and altitude. Actually we will find the biggest acceptance and the best possibilities to compare our data with others by using the Penman Monteith calculation like it is published in the "Crop evapotranspiration - Guidelines for computing crop water requirements - FAO Irrigation and drainage paper 56". Another Method to assess the evapotranspiration rates is the use of evapotranspiration pans.

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