Fieldclimate Sensor Groups

Sensor group is a globally defined integer constant assigned to a group of sensors having some common properties. Globally defined means that all applications, like weather station, fieldclimate.com, PC applications working with iMetos data, etc use the same group codes to identify the sensors. Properties associated with group codes are :

  • Name of sensor. Original name of the sensor in English as it comes from the measuring device
  • Kind of sensor. It shows what this sensor measures. Example: Soil temperature, air temperature, precipitation
  • Base Measurement unit. It shows what measurement unit is used. Example: Degree centigrade, mm, w/m**2. Knowing the base unit application can convert it to another relevant unit

Table below has list of all known group codes and associated properties

Group codeConstant NameFull NameMeas. UnitComments
1SG_AIRTEMPair temperatureC
2SG_RELHrelative humidity%
3SG_SOILTsoil temperatureC
4SG_SOLARsolar radiationW/m2
6SG_WINDSPwind speedm/s
7SG_BATTbattery voltagemV
8SG_WETTEMPwet bulb temperatureC
9SG_DRYTEMPdry bulb temperatureC
10SG_AIRPRESSair pressuremBar
11SG_SOILMOISTsoil moisturecBar
14SG_LEAFTEMPleaf temperatureC
15SG_WATERTEMPwater temperatureC
16SG_WINDDRwind directionDegree
17SG_DEWPdew pointC
22SG_VPDvapor pressure deficitkPa
23SG_ALARMalarms, logical input0/1
24SG_CHAIN_DELchain delimiterN/A
25SG_WATERCONTwater content%
26SG_PHOTOphoto sensorsLx
27SG_WATER_PRESwater pressuremBar
28SG_WATER_DEPTHwater depthmm
29SG_VEL_KMvelocity km/hkm/h
31SG_ERRORerror code 1 byteN/A
32SG_BOOLboolean value0/1
33SG_SOIL_SALsoil salinity in VICVIC
34SG_SENS_CNTsensor counterPulses
35SG_TIMEtime in secondsSec
38SG_FLUXflux sensorsw/m2
39SG_SNOW_DEPTHsnow depthmm
40SG_WATER_COUNTER32 bit counterpulses
42SG_WATER_PTwater potential in kPakPa


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