Imetos Firmware Update

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What is I@Metos Firmware Upload?

I@metos firmware can can be easily updated. To get started you need a programming connector, serial cable provided by Pessl instruments, PC software and a .hex file containing new firmware image.

To download Upload software and Firmware for iMetos go to Download section

How to upload a new firmware

  • Remove the GSM unit from the main board


  • Connect the programming adapter to the GSM interface on the main board


  • Connect the other side of the programming connector to a PC serial port by a serial cable. You can also use USB to serial adapter if there are no serial ports available on the PC


  • Start I@Metos Firmware Upload
  • Press the Select Firmwarebutton and select a .hex file


  • When the file is open its features are displayed at the File Infopanel of the program window. Make sure that the date and version of file are correct


  • On the serial number panel choose "Don't use". In this case the old serial number is preserved.
  • Press Start uploading button to begin
  • The program will search through all available serial ports for the Imetos station to be programmed. If the station is found the upload process starts automatically


Don't interrupt the upload process until it is finished or the weather station will not be functional

How to change the serial number of iMetos

Serial number is a unique identifier assigned by Pessl Instruments. Normally you do not need to change it. The only case is if you need to replace the mother board that has another serial number.

  • You receive an sn.ini file from Pessl Instruments per email
  • Save this file in the same folder where you installed Firmware Updater. Normally c:\program files\metos\Imetos Firmware Upload
  • Start Imetos Firmware Upload program. It will pick up the number from sn.ini and write to the station
  • Delete sn.ini

Troubleshooting guide

  • The climate station is connected but the program gives a message Device not found

    • Check that battery is in good conditions.
    • Check if the led of the station is not blinking. If it is, reset it and try again.
  • The climate station is connected to a comm port but the program reports that that comm port is occupied by another application.

    • Check that no other software (modem, infrared, fax program) is using this comm port.
  • The application had started uploading and after some time interrupted with a message Data transfer error.

    • Try to close other applications running on your PC and start uploading again.

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