Installing the HC-Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor

The HygroClip? or HC sensor replaces the FUP since 2007. This sensor is using only one digital input therefore it does only need one connector on the iMETOS2 PCB or the old FUP input on the iMETOS1 PCB can be split up to two connectors.
Please note there are three different types splitters out. The first splitter came with a short cable. This type can still be delivered if you like to change from FUP to HC sensor. The two other splitters are soldered on the PCB. The older one has the connectors in reverse to the newer one. Please take care that you push in the PanCon? connector in the right way. 

Image Image

The HC-sensor is normally mounted in the convection shield. The sensor with the connector is in total approximately 18 cm long. This part (sensor with connector) is inserted for approximately 7 cm to 8 cm in the convection shield and fixed with the 25 mm cable clamp. The part where sensor and connector are connected is inside the cable clamp. 5 cm of the connector will be outside of cable clamp and convection shield.
On the sensor you will find one black point. There are three more points on the connector. 2 of them are on a ring which can be turned. To connect or disconnect the sensor bring this 4 points in one line. To look the connection turn the ring clock wise to disconnect turn this ring contra clock wise. 


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