Installing the Wind Speed Sensor

The wind speed sensor comes in three different parts. We have the sensor body, the anemometer cup wheel and an Allen key to mount the cup wheel on the sensor body. There are different ways to mount the sensor. The most common way is to use a 3/4' water pipe with a thread and to screw the sensor on this thread. The thread of the sensor can be unscrewed to and the sensor can be screwed into a sensor holder which can be delivered by Pessl Instruments. This holder can be a crossarm for wind speed and wind direction or it can be a single sided holder for wind speed only. This holder is fixed on the pole with mounting clamps.
The wind speed goes on a specific connector on the iMETOS 1 and iMETOS2 PCB. On this connector the pins are ground, ground, shield and signal. The two ground lines are used for sensor detection. Image

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