Mobile Database SQLite vs. SQLCE

Please read following links and my note below
http://ayende.com/Blog/archive/2008/01/22/SQLite-vs.-SQL-CE.aspx(external link)
http://dotnetperls.com/sqlite-versus-sqlce(external link)
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/583278/sqlite-vs-sqlce-vs-in-a-mobile-application(external link)

  • SQLite is supported by each and every platform
  • Lot of tools are available.
  • SQLite has only 1 file (SQLCE too)
  • The same file can be opened and used on other machine, OS. It is binary compatible between all platforms and can be easily moved, copied, saved/restored.
  • Simple file API can be used by SW when necessary to create, recreate, repair the DB
  • SQLite DB is about 2 times smaller then SQLCE DB
  • It is at least 2 times faster then SQLCE
  • It needs no maintenance at all


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