Modem LED blinks continiously short or is allways on

GSM module red led is always blinking giving very short signals that almost never disappear. Or depending on type of modem the LED stays always on. This means the modem can not connect to the GSM network. If you are in the area of 900/1800 MHz networks (Europe, Africa big part of Asia) the reasons for this can be:

1. GSM contract for the SIM card entered is not valid.

2. SIM card Pin request is not switched off (iMETOS does not know the PIN code)

3. SIM card can not be read by the reader

4. SIM card is not entered correct into reader

5. SIM card or reader is physically damaged

6. No or weak GSM signal at site

7. GSM antenna is damaged

8. GSM antenna cable is not connected to the modem

9. GSM antenna cable is damaged

10. Modem is damaged

Can you please check positions 1-9 to make sure that position 10 is not the case. If you are in an area with 850/1900 MHz networks there can be problems in the frequency selection too. Problems in Frequency Selection Therefore this has to be proven before you can decide if the modem is damaged.


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