fieldclimate.com(external link) got a new look. Menu, table and some animated components have been redesigned. New Help menu contains links to documentation and other useful information. Every link and button of the web site has got a tooltip.

New version of firmware updater has been released. Download from this link. This version has better support for new versions of windows and works faster with USB adapter

Beta version of Spray Diary has been released. On fieldclimate.com(external link) top menu click on "Apps" and then on "Diary"

Try new Windows Sync Module for Windows and Windows Mobile.

New iMetos Firmware Updater with com port selector Download the new Firmware Updater (561.03 Kb)

wap application shows daily ET and station list Once you loged in, you can click on the "list" link at the top and get the list of stations of your account. Choose the station either by clicking on the link or pressing shortcut button (1 through 5) and you get the data of the station selected http://fieldclimate.com/m/w.haw(external link)

fieldclimate goes moble Pessl Instruments has started supporting mobile devices. You can already read the latest data from any station of your account. Open this URL on your mobile phone http://fieldclimate.com/m/w.haw(external link)

SOAP interface has been extended to support disease models and weather forecast. For more information see http://fieldclimate.com/soap_manual/soap_manual.htm(external link)

Users of fieldclimate who don't have email address or have invalid email address will be blocked if they don't provide valid email within one month

iMetos Manual Detailed user manual with latest updates

Download Imetos Firmware Latest software for iMetos station

Frequently asked questions about iMetos

Brochures and flyers on different languages

Technical data sheets

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