SMS warning System

The user can define an upper and lower threshold SMS alarm values for each sensor. If a measured value exceeds (or goes below) the establish threshold, the iMetos3.3 will send the SMS with a warning text (name of sensor, actual value, threshold value) to up to 30 different mobile phone numbers.

Alarm thresholds are checked every 5 minutes within each measurement. When the iMetos receives the sent acknowledgment from the mobile network the iMetos3.3 will disable for 4 hour de SMS sending.

But if a measured value drops below the threshold in 3 consequent measurement cycles, the iMetos will again enable de sending of SMS and send the corresponding alarm.



Temperature sensor threshold for SMS warning is set to 30°C

Measurement 1: 9:00 value = 28°C

Measurement 2: 9:05 value = 30°C    -> a warning SMS is send

Measurement 3: 9:10 value = 31°C    -> within a 4hour block interval -> warning SMS is not send

Measurement 4: 9:15 value = 28°C

Measurement 5: 9:20 value = 29.5°C

Measurement 6: 9.25 value = 29°C    -> the blocking interval is cleared

Measurement 7: 9:30 value = 31°C    -> warning SMS is send and block interval is started again  


After each SMS is sent the iMetos will maintain the modem “on” and establish a communication with FieldClimate to upload all stored data since the previous communication and to receive new settings –if there are any– from the user.


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