Setting up the iMETOS

in http://www.metos.at/fieldclimate

With the iMETOS you have got a notice with the serial number and the level 1 and level 2 keys to use the iMETOS at your personal area at http://wwwfieldclimate.com. Please connect to the internet and if you have no username and no password register as a new user. To do so you have to fill in your companies name, your name, your address, email, your Pessl Instruments Distributor and your username and password. If you submit this you will get an email to activate your account. Now go back to the LogIn? and submit your username and password to the web-server.


When you are registered as a user you can enter to the user area. There you have to go to manage climate stations. If this is your first iMETOS the climate station list will be empty. Please click to enter a new station. Now you are asked for station number and key. Now you will have to decide if you like to enter the level 1 key or the level 2 key. 

The level 1 key allows you to enter some station settings like telephone numbers for SMS receivers and thresholds for the warnings. With the level 1 key you are able to change the uploading time and the position information for the iMETOS. The level 2 key allows you to see the climate data and to calculate disease models with this data. It does not allow to change any settings for warning management, position or upload interval.

After inserting serial number and key and pressing the submit key this station will occur in your station management area. Now you can press on “info” to see the actual settings for this station. From here you can press the “Show Weather Data” link to see the climate data. To change “Station Parameters” like data transfer interval or position of the iMETOS press this link. The “Config SMS” link will lead you to a screen to enter the telephone numbers of SMS receivers. In “Warning Management” you can enter the thresholds for the SMS sending. In “Stations & Sensor names” you can rename the station and the sensor names.





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