Start-up the iMETOS

To start up the iMETOS you will need a valid GSM contract with the possibility to send at least 10 MB data on GPRS per month and with the ability to send and receive SMS-messages. This contract has to be activated upfront. Please make sure that the PIN code of the SIM-card is deactivated. To deactivate it you will need a mobile phone of the same company.


Next open the electronic box of the iMETOS and enter the SIM-card. Check if the Battery is connected. If Battery is connected, reset the unit by disconnecting and connecting the battery and the solar panel. Now the iMETOS starts with a self test and it starts up the modem and registers in the Internet. The success of this can be observed by a blinking code of the iMETOS LED and the modem PCB LED. It takes one minute before the blinking starts. Please stay patient.

If the SIM card has been successfully inserted your iMETOS has registered in the internet and it will send data to the internet following the schedule you have set for this iMETOS in http://www.fieldclimate.com

Blinking code
  • Connect to power: GSM LED and iMETOS LED on
  • GSM connected: GSM LED short long short, iMETOS LED on
  • TCP/IP connected:  GSM LED short, long, short,  iMETOS LED short, short, short
  • Test successful:  GSM LED short, long, short,   iMETOS LED short, long, short,  no led on
  • Test not successful:  iMETOS LED stays on



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