Sync Module for Windows Short Info

Fieldclimate platform provides SOAP interface with a set of functions allowing reading all data related to the user account. This includes the list of station, configuration for every station, weather data and calculated data, such as disease models and weather forecast. Detailed description and tutorial of the interface is found here(external link).

To eliminate the need of programming the SOAP web services and speed up development of Windows applications, Synchronization module for Windows has been developed.This is a cross-platform compatible .Net application for Windows and Windows Mobile operating systems. Written in a form of ActiveX object, it allows seamless and transparent synchronization of Fieldclimate data with a local database on demand. It also provides a data interface to abstract the user application from the underlying database. Both versions, Windows and Windows Mobile use the same set of source files and therefor provide the same interface. Compiled for .Net2 and .Net2 Compact framework, it is compatible with Windows XP and upwards and with Windows Mobile 5 and upwards. You may use complied version as well as the source code.

Following databases are supported:

  • Windows: MS access, SQLCE, SQLite
  • Windows Mobile: SQLCE, SQLite

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