The Multiple Temperature Bus Based on DS1820

The DS1820 is a 1-wire temperature sensor. The 1-wire bus has been developed by DALLAS. It allows to connect sensors by VCC and GROUND only whereas VCC is used for power supply and for signal transmission. Each 1-wire sensor has a unique address which is needed to read out this sensor. Pessl Instruments is using this sensor for all probes measuring several temperatures in one line like multiple soil temperature or silo temperature probes in steel spears or in hanging tubes. This sensor can be used for measuring cables placed in greenhouse tables or for multiple leaf temperatures to monitor canopy temperatures and or any other temperature monitoring application.

In multiple soil temperatures and all other sensors beside of the silo monitors the value of every sensor is transmitted to the iMETOS. In case of the silo monitor systems the original sensor values are summarized to average, minimum and maximum by the node to reduce the amount of data which needs to be looked over.  

The cabling of the nodes for the multiple temperatures based on DS1820 can seen in the schematic below. Please note: "Do not change the sensors form one node to another. Every sensor has a specific address and this address has to be known by the sensor node.

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