Trapman Export is free of cost Windows software from Pessl Instruments that exports iMetos data from Fieldclimate.com into RIMpro software(external link) developed by Marc Trapman
It is based on Windows Sync Module

Quck start

Enter the user name and password of your fieldclimate account and press the Login button.
If you have never synchronized data before, the list of stations at the top will be empty. Press the Sync button to synchronize the list of stations.
Now you can select one or multiple stations you want to export and sensors. Standard sensor are selected automatically.

Select the season to export. If the season field is disabled, select some stations and press "Sync".
Press the "Export" button to export data in CSV file format. This file can be later opened in Excel or imported into Rimpro software

Go to Installation page

Command line parameters

You can automatize the program using the following command line parameters. Before using this parameter you should start application normally and select the check stations for which you want to export data

/autoexport all stations previously selected and exit.
/name=usernamename of fieldclimate account. This parameter is mandatory if /auto is set
/password=userpasswordpassword of fieldclimate account. This parameter is mandatory if /auto is set
/silentRun silently. don't show any messages. This parameter is only applied when /auto is set
/season=yearYear for to export data for. This parameter is mandatory if /auto is set


If your name or password contains spaces then put it in quotas.
Example /name="Mr. John Tailor"


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