Unpack your iMETOS - the different models


An iMETOS sm is dedicated for soil moisture measurement with watermark sensors. It has in minimum 1 soil temperature sensor and it can be equipped with up to 6 watermark sensors. Beside of this it can have all sensors which are available for iMETOS ag. An iMETOS echo is dedicated for soil moisture measurement with echo probes. It gives you the possibility to add on up to 7 echo probes.  

Beside of the iMETOS itself you will find in its box a pair of clamps to mount it on the pole. If it has an anemometer you will find the cup wheel and a small Allen-key. If it has an anemometer and a wind direction sensor it will have two more mounting clamps and a holder for wind direction and wind speed. Beside of this you will find a manual and a letter with you access codes for http://www.metos.at/fieldclimate


The iMETOS will consist in minimum of one stainless steel holder wearing the small Box with the electronic and the modem, the battery, the small solar panel and the antenna. If it is an iMETOS rain it will have a rain gauge more. If it is an iMETOS ice it will have at least one temperature sensor. The temperature sensor can be an wet bulb temperature or a wet bulb and dry bulb temperature or a soil temperature sensor.

An iMETOS ag will have in minimum a temperature and relative humidity sensor on top. If it will be used for calculating possible apple scab or grapevine downy mildew infections it will need a rain gauge and a leaf wetness sensor more. A soil temperature sensor is helpful to assess emergence, root growth and nitrogen mineralization. A soil temperature sensor is needed to calculate the disease models for turf grass. To calculate evapotranspiration we will need a global radiation sensor and a wind speed sensor more. Beside of these sensors the iMETOS ag can be equipped with wind direction, photo active radiant radiation, barometric pressure, infra-red distance temperature or even a series of digital tensiometers.


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