Using the PanCon Connector

Over the years Pessl Instruments is manufacturing electronic climate stations for agriculture the Mas-Con? Series CE/CT Connectors .100" from PanCon? pointed out to be a very robust and secure connector system. Therefor this connector is used in nearly all our products. The connector is asymmetric (Pins are not in the center of the connector). It fits only in one direction into the header. The header has a lock in which a little nose of the connector fits. Due to this lock we never faced problems in loosing connectors during transportation.


Image Image

Note: The PanCon? connectors do only fit in one direction if you need force to press them in please check if you are not doing a reverse connection. It might be needed to bend the connector a little away from the lock to disconnect it.
It there is any crimping needed in the field there is hand crimping tool available. It is best to crimp with this tool on a connected connector. 


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