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Pessl Instruments GmbH is a leading manufacturer of internet based weather monitoring called iMetos and Meteoblue a Swiss company specialized in the development of site-specific weather products have joined forces and created imeteo AG.
What is imeteo AG? imeteo AG is an electronic weather service that delivers (with subscription) site-specific weather forecast information via web on an hourly basis. imeteo AG service offers a variety of products in an easy-to-read tabular or graphical for any place in the world. There are products for agriculture, energy, sport events and other industries. Pessl Instruments through its www.fieldclimate.com is providing custom data sets for weather-dependent decisions. platform
What do I need to run imeteo AG? In order to run imeteo AG station-based forecast, an imetos weather station is needed. The observation data is sent via GPRS to the www.fieldclimate.com database, and the weather forecast is automatically adjusted to the conditions of the specific imetos weather station. The client registers for the weatherforecast on the www.fieldclimate.com webpage and has to enter the longitude, latitude and altitude of his weather station. After that it takes 48 hours that the first forecast can be generated.
What forecast method is being used? imeteo AG forecast is based on a proprietary numerical meso-scale model developed by Meteoblue (www.meteoblue.com) in co-operation with NCAP and the University of Basel since 2003. Numerical models cover the entire world and enable the production of weather forecast for any place on Earth. Local forecast are calculated for every 3-18 kilometres, which include the effects of local climate, topography and soil cover. Through weather station based adjustments for temperature and wind, forecast precision is increased for the location of the station. imeteo AG detail weather forecasts are calculated for 5 days ahead on an hourly basis.
What validation has been done? imeteo AG weather forecasts have been developed and tested on more than 100 locations worldwide. The results of the test have been very good in comparison to other predictions due to our site specific adjustments.
What benefits does imeteo AG give? imeteo AG is seamlessly integrated in the fieldclimate.com platform where state of the art disease predictions, irrigation management decisions, frost alarms, automation etc. are given. imeteo AG is a product in continous development with the goal to assist the farming industry to take best management decisions now and in the future.


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