iMetos&Fieldclimate Help

Installation, configuration, troubleshooting of iMetos weather station and using of fieldclimate.com



Question: What is the channel number of sensor and how is it assigned?
Answer  This is explanation of Channel Number of iMetos
Question: I need to update iMetos software. How do I do it?
Answer  Please read Imetos Firmware Update
Question: What is blinking code of iMetos
Answer  Here is the description of the Blinking Code of iMetos
Question: What SIM card can be used for iMetos?
  • SIM card of any GSM provider will work
  • GPRS must be activated for this SIM card
  • Pin code must be deactivated for this SIM card
  • iMetos works with most of providers automatically. For some providers a special SMS needs to be sent to start iMetos.

If your iMetos does not start sending data, call your provider and ask the following parameters of GPRS service for Internet:
APN name:
user name:
Then contact Pessl Instruments

Question: The yellow led of iMetos blinks 2 times then blinks error, even though everything seems to be in order
Answer  GPRS is not available. For more details see Blinking Code
Question: I'm still concerned of safety of my data. Can I get a copy of it and how?

Yes, there are multiple possibilities of getting copy of your weather data

Question: There is a sticker with climate data on metos.at How can I place such a sticker on my site?

email the following details to support@metos.at

  • fieldclimate account name and password
  • serial number of the station from wich to show data
  • domain name of the website, on which you want to show the sticker

After short verification you will receive necessary instructions and code for the sticker

Question: What are the key1 and key2?
Answer  These two alphanumeric keys are shipped with each imetos. You can use one of the keys to add the imetos to your account on Fieldclimate. Adding with key 1 allows changing all the parameters of imetos, like data transfer interval, sms warnings, etc. If station has been added with key 2 the user is not allowed to change its parameters. You can use key 2 to share the data of your imetos with other people, while keeping key 1 only for your own account.
Question: What does the button "Lock account" do?

Locking of an account makes it read only. Changing of any features, including user settings, name of station and sensors will be disallowed. To unlock a previously locked account you need to contact your web site administrator or support@metos.at

Question: Can iMetos send data to my web site instead of fieldclimate.com
Answer  iMetos is preprogrammed to send data to fieldclimate.com, where it is stored in reliable database. You can retrieve any data from fieldclimate.com at any time using web services. If you want imetos to send data to your web site you have to be prepared to install and maintain your own fieldclimate server. To get more information please contact support@metos.at
Question: How to activate disease models and weather forecast for fieldclimate.com account?
Answer  Disease models and weather forecast are not free and not activated by default. To activate them click on "user settings" in the main menu, then click on the link "Activate disease models and weather forecast".
Question: Weather data from my iMetos is stored on fieldclimate web site. How reliable is this storage? For how much time it will be kept? What is the guarantee that it will not be deleted?

Fieldclimate.com has distributed database backed up by the server farm of Telekom Austria, the biggest and most reliable provider of web service in Austria. Every database server is 100% redundant having hot availability backup. Further, complete dump of all data is performed once a day. This guaranties that no more then few hours of data can be lost even in case of complete break-down of the whole infrastructure.
All data from January 2006 is readily available for fieldclimate portal and through data interfaces. Pessl Instruments does not delete and does not plan to delete any data.

Question: Is it possible to "pull" data from imetos at any time?
Answer  No. iMetos is not a web server. iMetos functions as a web client, like a web browser. Data transfer can only be initiated by iMetos. iMetos transfers data according to the data transfer scheduler on fieldclimate and after sending each SMS warning.